Several hundred people were present from 3 to 6 October 2019 at the International Scientific Conference in Mainz, Germany, to listen to the speeches of some of the leading independent experts who had come to report on their work on the health, technological and legal risks associated with mobile phone waves.

At a time when the industry in the sector was determined to develop 5G on a massive scale, they all called on political decision-makers to apply the precautionary principle and to put in place a moratorium before any deployment.

Our President had the pleasure of closing with his intervention these three days of debates and exchanges. This is an opportunity to thank the Kompetitenzinitiativ organisers for the remarkable work they have done and the quality of their welcome. We have particularly insisted on the deception and disloyalty of industrialists caught up in the Phonegate scandal, which breaks the bond of trust with mobile phone users.

The attendees greeted the speakers several times and this was the case for Dr. Arazi who ended his presentation with a standing ovation from the audience. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement which acknowledges the work of all the members of our association, scientists, lawyers, translators, partner organizations, volunteers, supporters, donors and of course the members of the board.

All the interventions have been filmed and will soon be available. In the meantime you will find below the presentation of Dr. Marc Arazi.

Germany presentation 6 October 2019

Some pictures of the event


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