The PhoneGate scandal

6 billion mobile phone users deceived by manufacturers over their true exposure


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First criminal and class action lawsuits in France against Xiaomi and Nokia smartphones


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Mobi-kids : our summary of the study

Mobi-kids : our summary of the study

The Mobi-kids study (whose results were expected since 2016!) was finally published on December 30, 2021, in the scientific journal Environment International. Its authors conclude their work as follows: Overall, our study provides no evidence of a causal association...

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The PhoneGate Alert association

Our priority is to protect the health of billions of daily users who have been overexposed for more than 20 years on their mobile phones and help defend victims and patients from the consequences of manufacturers’ deception.ts.


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The association Phonegate Alert

Our main commitments:

– to contribute to the use of mobile phones, digital tablets, connected objects or any other new technology to come using electromagnetic waves, under conditions that protect the health of users and in particular children and young people;

– to participate in the identification, prevention and repair of damage caused to mobile victims on a physical, psychological and moral level, etc. and harm to their loved ones ;

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